Zimbabwe : Essentials




English (official language), Shona, Sindebele

Time difference

GMT/UTC + 2h

Visa formalities

The citizens of the European Union and Switzerland need a visa to enter Zimbabwe. Every visitor must be provided with a valid passport, which will be presented by entering the country and during foreign exchange operations. The visa is for a maximum period of three months

Important addresses and numbers

Embassy abroad

76 Samora Machel avenue – 11th floor, Bank Chambers – P.O.Box 1378 Harare – tél. +263 (4) 703 216 ; fax. +263 (4) 730 078 ; www.ambafrance-zw.org

Embassy in France

12, rue Lord Byron 75008 Paris – tél. +33 (0)1 56 88 16 00 ; fax. +33 (0)1 56 88 16 09 ; www.ambassade-zimbabwe.com


Zimbabwe is equipped with 220 volt alternating current. You can find rectangular or round plugs with three plugs. It is better to buy adapters on site


+ 263


Attention for the risk of malaria: take preventative treatment and use repellents, especially if you go to hot and humid areas of the country (Kariba Lake, Zambeze Valley).. Pay Attention to your diet and don't drink the tap water! Avoid swimming in stagnant water, mides et ne caressez pas les animaux que vous rencontrez