Botswana : Essentials

Capital of Botswana


Language of Botswana

English, Setswana,Sekalanga

Time difference in Botswana

In Summer(october to april), GMt+2,an hour ahead of Paris

Formalities to enter into Botswana

You will need a valid passport but a visa is not necessary, we will give you authorization for 30 days which could be extended to 3 months maximum

Important Addresses and numbers in Botswana

Embassy in Botswana

761 Robinson Road Post Office 1424 Gaborone. Tél. [267] 397 38 63 ; Fax. [267] 397 17 33

Consulat in France

88 avenue d'Iéna 75116 Paris - tel. 01 47 20 08 23 ; fax 01 47 20 42 58 ;

Electricity in Botswana

Voltage 220V, plugs are round with 2 points

Dialing code for Botswana

+ 267

Health in Botswana

In the northern districts, malaria exists in the endemic state; 80% of the cases of contamination are observed. Transmission risks are considered moderate in the central and quasi-zero districts in the south and southeast. The risks are particularly high in March-April (due to rains). If you go to these areas, preventative treatment is advisable. Also plan mosquito nets and insect repellent products. The onset of a resistant form of tuberculosis, vaccination is recommended especially for children. Botswana is the second most affected country in HIV/AIDS

Travelling by light air craft 

Luggage restrictions:

Luggage dimensions should not exceed 25cm (10 inches) wide, 30cm (12 inches) high and 62 cm (24 inches) long. Anything larger and the luggage will not fit.  Baggage weight (including hand luggage) is limited to a maximum of 20kg. Luggage must be entirely soft-sided.  Hard covered, rigid bags are exceptionally difficult to load.