Tanzania and Zanzibar: the main




Swahili, English

Time difference

GMT/UTC + 3h


The local currency is the Tanzanian shilling (TSH)




+ 255


Vaccination against yellow fever is obligatory for travellers coming or passing through countries where it is endemic (obtain the updated list). Vaccinations against yellow fever, DTP, hepatitis A and B, meningitis A and C and typhoid are recommended. Cholera is endemic and can take an epidemic character. Drink only mineral water and consume well-washed, even cooked, fresh products. Trypanosomiasis ("Sleep sickness") and malaria are also endemic in the country. An antimalarial treatment, prescribed by your doctor, is recommended

On site, be sure to protect yourself from mosquito bites and tsetse flies (especially in wildlife stores and their surroundings) by repellents, mosquito nets and clothing covering arms and legs. There is an outbreak of "Rift Valley Fever" in the Arusha region (mosquito-transmitted disease). The HIV seropositivity rate would be 6 per cent in the country and 30 per cent in Dar-es-Salam, according to WHO. All the precautions of use are necessary.

Entry formalities

The citizens of the European Union, the Swiss and the Canadians need a visa to enter Tanzania. .

For the French, the form is downloadable on the website of the Embassy of Tanzania in Paris (www.ambtanzanie.fr) or available on site (count 3 working days). It is also possible to have it delivered by correspondence by attaching a stamped envelope and recommended for the return of the passport. It is better to obtain it in advance (indispensable for a multi-entry visa), even if it is currently issued upon arrival at the airports of Dar es Salam and Kilimanjaro and at most border crossings (50 $US, to be paid in cash and in US dollars, with one entry).

To be issued a visa, a valid passport must be provided (at least 6 months after the date of return)

Addresses and useful numbers

French Embassy in Dar es Salaam

Ali H. Mwinyi (Angle Kilimani Road), PO box 2349 Dar es Salaam – Tel. + 255 (22) 219 88 00; www.ambafrance-tz.org

Embassy in France

13, Avenue Raymond Poincaré 75116 Paris – Tel. + 33 (0) 1 53 70 63 66; Fax. + 33 (0) 1 47 55 05 46