South Africa

South Africa

A  Rainbow Nation  where different skin colours live together speaking 11 official languages

-This diversity of cultures manifests itself both in the gastronomy, music, art, literature, etc.

-On a wildlife plan: all the animals we thought were on the way to extinction are found in national reserves and parks by offering you safaris with unusual scenes. Photography enthusiasts will be able to admire many animals including the Big Five (lions, rhinos, elephants, leopards and buffalos)

-In terms of flora: it is a country that has one of the unique and richest floral kingdoms in the world with 95% endemic plants

-In terms of landscape: pristine beaches spread over endless miles along the coastlines off the two oceans that meet. Not to mention beautiful sites ranging from the spectacular Blyde River Canyon the third largest canyon in the world, from the emerald green Mountains of the Drakensberg to the dunes and swamps of the St Lucia estuary, not forgetting the arid places of the Karoo and the desert of Kalahari, by passing through the Wild coast of the Cape of Good Hope.

-The museums of the country's unique history, both sad and happy, offer you a light on this rainbow nation that has experienced a less stormy transition thanks to its sons and daughters like Nelson Mandela and others

-Finally, this country will allow you, by visiting it, to bask on the beaches, to hike in the desert or the mountains, to observe beautiful wild animals, to taste the great wines and to enjoy excellent local dishes. The ladies are not forgotten because it is the land of gold and diamonds (the largest rough diamond in the world was discovered here)